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Jaguar’s first aluminum bodied crossover SUV

Since being acquired by Indian manufacturer Tata, Jaguar wants to expand its production range to increase its sale volume to 200,000 units per year. So just like the Maserati, after the XK, the XF and XJ, the British manufacturer now thinks of making a small car for us, something to compete with the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4.

Jaguars First Aluminum Bodied Crossover SUV

After the announcement of the marketing for the C-X75 concept, a sporty roadster, now the manufacture is preparing a SUV. The decision of the British car maker Jaguar to produce a luxury SUV is not new for some time, in fact, the pattern was confirmed at the official level and a lot of the technicians of the manufacturer owned by Tata Motors are working to develop this particular luxury crossover.


It seems that, just like the XJ sedan, Jaguar's engineers have chosen to equip the SUV with an advanced aluminum body, which will save between 250 and 300 kilograms of weight over the traditional steel body. The designers seem to have done a great job as stated by internal sources, as the vehicle's size would be too close to the current XF, in fact, it's no doubt that the new Jaguar SUV could become one of the lightest crossovers on the market today. For this reason, the direction of Jaguar prefers to wait for the unveiling of the next generation of the XF before presenting the baby of the family.


In addition, according to various reports, the Jaguar SUV will be equipped with a wide choice of modern and fuel-efficient engines, including the new 2.2-liter diesel with 190 horsepower (which was created for the restyled Jaguar XF), the 3,0-liter V6 with 275 horsepower and 241, enough to allow it to attack the BMW and Mercedes.


For those who love the gasoline engine can instead opt for a new 3.7 V6 (which could also get a supercharged version but we know nothing about it in this moment) and a 2.0 4 cylinder turbo engine derived from the Range Rover Evoque.


Furthermore, we’ve also heard that a full hybrid option will also be available and all engines will be mated with 8 speed automatic transmission developed by ZF and all-wheel drive.


But wait, this new model will not see the streets until 2015. So still a very long way to go.

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