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2011 Top Cars With Best Gas Mileage...To help you make the right choice, here is the list of top cars with best gas mileage 2011, according to Fueleconomy...EPA Raing: City 51, Highway 48The 2011 Toyota Prius comes with 4 trims: the Prius II, III, IV and V and all have the same engine: a 1...5-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor produces 191 horsepower, which is a great amount of power...“What makes it best is a top-drawer blend of an already very good midsize sedan with the industry's smoothest, best-integrated gas-electric
Top Cars For Teen 2011...If you select the second, here are the top 10 cars best fit for you...Perfect sound system, sophisticated design and easy controls, Chevrolet Cruze is considered as the best compact models from General Motors...Modest engine at 138 horsepower while still ensuring maximum efficiency of performance, and with fuel consumption only 36 mpg, this car is a very economical choice...A few years ago, small cars like the Ford Fiesta were not "favorited" by U...Fiesta is one of the top small cars in the U...6-liter engine produces
Volkswagen reportedly hired engineers from Ford who designed the suspension on the Focus...All versions have a front transverse engine status and have front wheel drive...In Europe, the Jetta has a gasoline engine: a four-cylinder, direct injection 1...4 L engine that develops 122 hp equipped with a turbocharger...Additionally in that market, the car can be had with an engine known as the 'Twincharger' (TSI) develops 140 hp and 170 hp...In mid-2008 both engines 140 hp and 170 were replaced by a new version of 160 hp...Moreover, in some markets
Two years after its first launch, in 2010 at Los Angeles Auto Show, Dodge introduced its newest muscle car based on the new Pentastar V6 engine, the 2011 Dodge Challenger, which is more powerful and economical than previous version...Furthermore, Chrysler’s engineers have revised the suspension, hydraulic steering and brakes to ensure a more sporty performance...6L V6 305 hp engine (more 55 horsepower than the previous versino) coupled with a 5-speed automatic transmission...This is the most advanced Chrysler engine ever built today featuring
The future of Bentley’s engine...Wolfgang Durheimer was kind enough to share with us about the future of Bentley, especially its engine, indeed, they still hold the W12 engine, probably there will be hybrid Bentley vehicle, and they do not intend to abandon the diesel engine...He mentioned quite a lot about the heart of Bentley, indeed, the CEO said that their 12-cylinder engine is "sexy": “I think it will become one of the cornerstones in the brand profile,” said Durheimer...“Besides, a 12-cylinder engine is a sexy engine...While many luxury
The gas engine operates only when demand for power...In urban, the car with a hybrid engine consumes less than non-hybrid car in the same segment...This concept combines a gasoline engine, optimized for low power and limited pollution, and two electric generators (known as MG1 and MG2), all connected to a planetary gear...Such transmission does not particularly clutch or mechanical decoupling device between engine and wheels become unnecessary...This is achieved by operating the engine as close as possible to its maximum efficiency, which is
0 L 115 hp VR6 engine to 15 degrees and 174 hp 2...8T) engine and VR5 (a derivative of 5-cylinder, 2...3 L, 150 hp VR6 engine already known) engine...In 2004, a new line of diesel engines were introduced to the market...The seats were considered very strong, and the finish was considered a very high level of quality and assembly, reminding of more expensive cars...The first cars of the series had few quality problems, reported some electrical problems and emission control systems, which were corrected in later models...As did with the
For the engine, 2009 version replaces the four-cylinder 2...0-liter V6 extended the power of 221 to 240 hp while consuming less fuel...Engines...2005-2009: The following gasoline engines were available:...0 L V6...0 L V6 221 HP...2009: It is available with three petrol engines and a hybrid engineGasoline engines:...0 L 240 hp V6...5 L V6...Engine Hybrid :...This engine is also available with an automatic six-speed borrowed from the 3...0L V6...5L V6 is entitled to an automatic transmission developed by Aisin Seiki...The hybrid engine has a CVT
Today I have chance to drive a vehicle which is known as an icon for 10 years, the Audi TT, and driving the Audi TT is really a lot of fun for me because I love German cars...2-liter V6 engine that produces 250hp and 236 ft...For buyer’s conveniences, the Audi TT is offered with a variety of configurations of the engine, such a version with 2...0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine which outputs 200hp and 207 ft...-lb, or the most powerful is the one comes with a slightly more tuned V6 engine which can output 265hp...On the highway, it runs
In its fourth year model, the Jaguar XF adopted a new diesel engine that makes it the most economical vehicle in Jaguar’s product lines...Our designers and engineers strive continuously to keep Jaguar ahead of the competition – creating cars that stand apart from mainstream premium offerings, while remaining accessible to an ever wider spectrum of customers...” - Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director, Jaguar Cars...2 liters diesel engine for the first time...We know that the sedan is available with a choice of V6 diesel in Europe...S market
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