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2011 Top Cars With Best Gas Mileage...To help you make the right choice, here is the list of top cars with best gas mileage 2011, according to Fueleconomy...Even the design is not much different from last year version, but the new one looks sharper , and get an highest EPA rating of 51/48 mpg city/highway, which is considered the most fuel efficient hybrid on the market today..."When gas prices go back up, you'll wish you had one...According to EPA, the Fusion Hybrid gets 41/36 mpg city/highway, which is one of the highest ratings among
Honda unveiled six 2012 Civic models...Honda teased its next-gen Civic at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit with a pair of thinly-veiled concept cars, but now we finally have the only barely changed images of the actual 2012 Honda Civic models – all six variations...We now have official images for six out of seven Honda’s Civic variants, including the standard Civic Coupe and Sedan, Si Coupe and Sedan, Civic Hybrid and the all-new Civic HF (high fuel efficiency) model, with only the Civic GX Natural Gas Vehicle missing at
2012 Honda Civic 2012, Not Much Change...Aesthetically, the Civic 2012 is virtually identical to the model it replaces...The 2012 Civic will offer an unparalleled level of variety, with standard coupe and sedan models, two sporty Si versions, one hybrid, one natural-gas alternative-fuel variant and an all-new model—the Civic HF...In the tradition of the Civic CRX HF of years past, the new Civic HF has a similar goal of high efficiency with gasoline-only power, delivering a targeted EPA-estimated fuel-economy rating of 41 mpg on the
2012 Acura TL On Sale From March 18...S market, the 2012 TL shows a silhouette that is both more dynamic and refined than ever...At glance, the 2012 Acura TL gets new front and rear styling, including updated bumpers, grille, headlamps and taillamps...In addition to its aesthetic changes, the 2012 TL will also receive a new Sequential SportShift six-speed automatic transmission, which will slightly improve efficiency while maximizing performance...In front-wheel-drive form, fuel economy is expected to improve from 18/26 mpg city/highway to
2012 Corvette - greater performance...Corvette fans should be excited when knowing that GM continues the refinement of its legendary performer, as new details on the 2012 Chevrolet Corvette have been leaked by a dealer and now circling around the Internet, enough to keep the fire inside its enthusiasts burning...For 2012, a series of improvements are awarded to the Corvette...The cars will be officially unveiled this weekend with a completely redesigned interior: the 2012 Corvette will receive a new steering wheel and new seats...Indeed,
2012 Honda Civic in North American International Auto Show...The Japanese automaker Honda performed the world premiere of the next generation Honda Civic in the North American International Auto Show, offering the first official information of the new design of all brand new 2012 models in its ninth generation, which will go on sale this spring...With the wider range of engine options available in its class, the 2012 Civic line aims to meet the needs of a growing group of buyers of compact cars with a renewed vision of a "Civic for all...The
The Volkswagen New Beetle At The Superbowl...Volkswagen will release an advertisement about the new New Beetle on February 6 in the United States at the Superbowl...Yet the German mark does not include images of the next Volkswagen New Beetle...The second is more interesting because it is an advertisement for the replacement for the Volkswagen New Beetle...Not yet unveiled, the next Volkswagen New Beetle will have the honors of a sports pub next Feb...Volkswagen will therefore propose an advertisement on the new Volkswagen New Beetle...without
2012 Kia Soul – More Powerful and Fuel Efficient..."After just two model years, we've given the 2012 Soul significant improvements in power, style and fuel economy, making this iconic vehicle the perfect package for consumers looking for something a little outside the box," said Michael Sprague, vice president, marketing & communications, KMA...The interesting part is it gas-mileage, according to Kia, fuel economy for the 1...6-liter comes in at an impressive 28/34 mpg (city/highway), three miles per gallon more than the previous engine while
2012 Subaru Impreza Shows Us Its Side...As expected, the manufacturer is preparing to unveil its production version of the 2012 Impreza at the New York Auto Show...According to official release of Subaru, “the new 2012 Impreza will deliver 36 MPG, the highest fuel economy of any all-wheel drive car on sale in the U...Compared to the Impreza Concept exhibited at Los Angeles in November 2010, the style of this 2012 Impreza appears a little wiser with a glass surface that is more reminiscent of the big sister a 2012 model, will be
2012 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake – The Rise Of Cobra With 800 Hp...The Caroll Shelby Cobra will come back to bite you at the New York Auto Show with its latest – most powerful monster ever: the GT500 Super Snake 2012 with up to 800 tire-shredding horsepower on tap from its 5...The love story between Shelby American and New York Auto Show wrote another page of this beautiful relationship with the unveiling of the new monster, the 2012 GT500 Super Snake...A few years later came the 2010 market with increased power lying about 750 horsepower,
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