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What Non Electric Car Gets The Best Gas Mileage

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2011 Top Cars With Best Gas Mileage...Nowadays, with the increase of the oil price higher and higher, fuel consumption is one of the key factors when purchasing a car...To help you make the right choice, here is the list of top cars with best gas mileage 2011, according to Fueleconomy...EPA Raing: City 51, Highway 48The 2011 Toyota Prius comes with 4 trims: the Prius II, III, IV and V and all have the same engine: a 1...Even the design is not much different from last year version, but the new one looks sharper , and get an highest EPA rating
Based on the Honda J-VX concept presented at Tokyo Motor Show in 1997, the Insight was introduced in December 1999 and was the first production vehicle to feature Honda's Integrated Motor Assist system...It also was the first hybrid car to be sold in North America...The car was completely thought to minimize energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases, thanks to aerodynamics worked and an aluminum frame to lighten the vehicle...The Honda Insight was a subcompact hatchback 3,945 mm (155...The Honda Insight first generation came with
2011 World Car Of The Year...The wait is finally over...We know now the 2011 World Car of the Year as the winners were announced today, Thursday, April 21 at Auto Show in New York...While the finalists were announced in early March, Nissan was well positioned with its Nissan Leaf, and could achieve a unique triple...So what are the results...The Nissan Leaf, Italia Ferrari 458, Aston Martin Rapide and Chevy Volt are rewarded for this year 2011...The Nissan Leaf follows the Volkswagen Polo as World Car of the Year...This is the first time an
At the Auto Show in Detroit, Volvo wanted to innovate and demonstrate to visitors the importance of safety in electric cars...Within their booth, an electric Volvo C30 suffered a frontal collision at 64 km/h...It was meant to “show the world what a truly safe electric car looks like after a collision with high-speed impact,” according to Volvo CEO Stefan Jacoby...With the growing interest of electric cars, it is important to include security features of traditional cars...The Volvo team conducted numerous tests on their electric C30 to
Top Cars For Teen 2011...To vote for the top 10 models for young people is a very difficult job because nowadays, most teenagers want to own a car and do whatever he/she wants to do...So you will choose a used car or decide to invest in a new car to get the most safety and reliability...If you select the second, here are the top 10 cars best fit for you...Perfect sound system, sophisticated design and easy controls, Chevrolet Cruze is considered as the best compact models from General Motors...Modest engine at 138 horsepower while still
Toyota Prius Car Specs...The Toyota Prius is a hybrid gasoline-electric car (Hybrid Synergy Drive, HSD)...The first model (NHW10 version) was proposed in 1997 in Japan only...It was followed by a revised version in 2000, then also available in Europe, the United States and Australia...In late 2003, the NHW20 model was introduced in Japan and the United States, and early 2004 in Europe...This car was a real popularity, particularly in the United States...The Prius II has 5 doors and 5 seats (the Prius I, 1997-2003, is a 4-door sedan with a
BMW Will Launch i3 And i8 Models After long presented its Megacity, a concept of urban mobility based on electric vehicles, BMW has opted for the unveiling of its new division, the “i” models...The i3 and i8 should also make an appearance somewhere in 2013...The German manufacturer has announced through a press release...According to this, the i3 will have a totally electric motor, while the i8 will opt instead for a hybrid, combining "the performance of a sports car with consumption and the emission level of a small model”...As had been
The Honda Insight is a hybrid car produced by Honda...The first generation was produced from 1999 to 2006 in the form of a compact three-door...This was the first hybrid vehicle produced from Honda and sold widely in the United States, and first marketed in 1999 (in Japan, however, the first-generation Toyota Prius has already been launched in 1997)...The Honda Insight second generation was introduced in Japan in February 2009 and later in other countries in 2009...Honda Insight was launched in the United States in April 22, 2009...It was the
2008 Acura RDX - A New Great Crossover Car...Right now, if you are looking for a new crossover car, you can have a wide range of models availabe such as: the Lincoln MKX, the Toyota RAV4, the BMW X3, or the Land Rover LR2, but the one that seems to be getting all the focus now is the 2008 Acura RDX, a great crossover made by Acura...Because this is the very first time Honda, the parent company of Acura, has created a turbocharged engine, that why the 2008 Acura RDX is getting so much attention...This is really great when Honda takes big step
125 years since Karl Benz - one of two founders of the famous Mercedes-Benz brand, registered his most important invention: the first gasoline car in the world in 1886...Mercedes-Benz and Daimler AG are beginning the 2011 anniversary with many activities to celebrate 125 years of their global brand names such as special bonuses for staff, big food events, social programs, the Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz foundation…...Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz, the pioneers in the automotive industry since 19th century, had invented the first gasoline
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